We can help train your Executives, Manager and Leaders

3 Reasons to train your executives, managers and leaders
  • 1st - You will be de-risking your transformation journey
  • 2nd -You will be shortening your lead time
  • 3rd - You will be able to create business agility faster and in a more cost effective way.
Why train with us?
  • We run regular training session all throughout the year which can be done onsite (public classes) or in-house  at your offices, we can even do these remotely for example during covid-19.
  • We have a track record for delivering training which will deliver results because our trainers are practitioner of SAFe and not just trainers.
  • We have a dedicate training room in the heart of central London and also we have run training for remote teams using the latest distributed PI planning and training tools.
ALLYSKY - Official Gold Partner to help you deliver your agile transformation using the SAFe implementation Roadmap
12 Steps Guide to your SAFe Agile transformation for 2020
To know more contact us to discuss your needs either by email: info@allysky.com or by phone 020 7043 2268